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  • Madison Mushrooms
    Mushrooms stuffed with Westphalian ham, served with Madeira cream sauce, honors the U.S. President whose name was given to a patch of Wisconsin wilderness in 1836, the year of his death.
  • "King" James Strang Tarts
    Cheese pastry baked with onions, leeks, scallions, cheese, and cream, honors the founder of a Mormon community on Beaver Island in 1847 where he declared himself king.
  • Strudel Gorst

    Duck and dried cherries in phyllo, served with port wine sauce, celebrates Robert Gorst, founder of a utopian commune in Dane and Green counties in 1850.

  • Raclette Cheese Hazen
    Roth Kase raclette cheese melted and served with Bavaria Weisswurst, boiled potato, and pickled vegetables, honors Chester Hazen, who built the first cheese factory in Wisconsin in 1864.
  • Trout Black Hawk
    Smoked Wisconsin Rainbow Trout cakes, with spicy remoulade sauce, honors the Sauk Indian Chief who fought the Battle of Wisconsin Heights near Prairie du Sac in 1832.
  • Appetizer Sampler
    A taste of our unique appetizers, to be shared around the table.
    Large$29.95 - Small$19.95

Soups & Salads

  • Winter Salad

    Greens, radicchio, endive, escarol, and Napa cabbage, tossed with cranberry basalmic vinaigrette, garnished with dried fruits and toasted pumpkin seeds.

  • Romaine & Blue

    Chopped romaine with Roth Kase Buttermilk Blue Cheese dressing, garlic croutons, and applewood smoked bacon.

  • Evening Soup

    Chef's nightly special, always made from scratch with lovingly simmered stocks, the old fashioned way.

    Cup $3.95 Bowl $4.95

Main Course

  • Beef Barstow

    Boneless short ribs baraised in dark beer, served on garlic mashed potatoes, with oven roasted root vegetables and pan juices, honors Governor Barstow, who gracefully resigned when the Wisconsin Supreme Court invalidated his 1856 electionn because of votes from non-existent precincts.

    $ 22.95
  • Potter Perch

    Fried pretzel crusted fresh lake perch filets served with house-made tartar, parmesan potato,
    and sweet ginger and honey glazed carrots, honors the Wisconsin congressman who, while debating abolition, was challenged to a duel by Representative Pryor of Virginia. When Potter named Bowie knives as his weapon of choice, Pryor indignantly withdrew, declaring he was no butcher.

    $ 20.95
  • Schurz Schnitzel

    Boneless pork loin, pounded thin and crusted with bread crumbs, served with oven roasted red potatoes, and fried apples, honors Carl Schurz, the distinguished writer/statesman, who moved to Wisconsin in 1855, the year Quivey's Grove was built. 

    $ 18.95
  • Veal Vilas

    Sauteed veal and mushrooms in Madeira cream sauce on rosti potato cake, with asparagus spears, honors the Madison mayor, who in his 1861 inaugural stated "People have been swindled so often by those elected.... it's not surprising that some look at government as a means by which the few can rob the many".

  • Popover Glover

    Chicken and fresh mushrooms in a mild cream sauce fill a popover on rice, with sweet ginger and honey glazed carrots, honors black slave Joshua Glover whose capture and release in 1854 prompted Wisconsin's Supreme Court to challenge the Fugitive Slave Act.

  • Trout Phoenix

    Rainbow Trout filet, pan seared and served with dill, lemon, and caper butter, fresh asparagus, and a parmesan potato, honors the 250 Dutch immigrants who went down with the steamer Phoenix in Lake Michigan on November 21, 1847.

    $ 18.95
  • Lamb Nolan

    Syrah braised lamb shoulder, rich and meltingly tender, served with pan roasted carrots, onions, turnips, garlic, & rutabaga, with garlic mashed potatoes, and pan juice reduction, honors John Nolen, the father of urban planning, whose recommendations in "Madison: A Model City (1911)" were largely rejected.

    $ 22.95
  • Leopold's Feast

    Delicate crepes with a goat cheese, spinach, and roasted red pepper filling, served in tomato cream sauce, with Parmesan potato and sweet ginger and honey glazed carrots, honors Aldo Leopold, Wisconsin's champion naturalist.

    $ 16.95
  • Duck Wilcox

    Semi boneless roast half duck, with port wine cherry sauce, wild rice and fried apples. This honors Westport poet, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, who coined the oft repeated phrase, "Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone."

    $ 24.95


  • Turtle Pie
    Bavarian chocolate cream over caramel and pecans, a Quivey's original, now a favorite.
    $ 6.75
  • Chocolate Steamed Pudding

    Traditional English rich cake served with Ellie's Mom's Sauce with ground walnuts.

    $ 6.95
  • Apple Crisp

    Baked fresh daily under an oatmeal crumb crust, served with vanilla ice cream.

    $ 6.75
Quiveys Corkscrew

Wine List

White Wines by the Glass

  • Wollersheim Prairie Fume
    Fresh and fruity with just a hint of sweetness.
    glass: $6.50
  • Wollersheim Riesling
    Semi Sweet with nice floral boquet
    glass: $6.50
  • Acrobat Pinot Gris
    Light and refreshing
    glass: $7.50
  • Estancia Chardonnay
    Rich and full bodied with a balanced buttery finish.
    glass: $7.50

Red Wines by the Glass

  • Meiomi Pinot Noir
    Rich black pepper and cherry, with a lingering finish.
    glass: $8.25
  • Ravenswood Beseiged
    A market basket blend of grapes sourced from Sonoma county.
    bottle: . glass: $7.50
  • Seven Falls Merlot
    Soft tannins yeld food friendly wine.
    glass: $7.50
  • Qupe Syrah
    Lush fruit with spicy finsih.
    glass: $8.25
  • Louis Martini Cabernet Sauvignon
    Jammy black fruit, with soft velvety tannins, with a long rich finish.
    glass: $8.25

Wisconsin White Wine

  • Wollersheim Prairie Fume
    Sauk Prairie~Fresh and fruity with just a hint of sweetness.
    bottle: $25.50
  • Wollersheim White Riesling
    Sauk Prairie~Drier than most Riesling, with complex apricot and fruit flavor.
    bottle: $25.50
  • Wollersheim Chardonnay
    Sauk Prairie~Rich and classy with a balanced buttery finish.
    bottle: $28.50
  • Cedar Creek Pinot Grigio
    Cedarburg~Aroma of roses on the nose with finish of ripe pear.
    bottle: $27.50
  • Fisher King Gentle Sin
    Mt Horeb~Semi sweet Seyval Blanc. Nice balance of sweetness and acidity.
    bottle: $25.50

Wisconsin Red Wine

  • Wollersheim Domain Reserve
    Sauk Prairie~Award winning red from the Lake Wisconsin Viticulture District.
    bottle: $34.50
  • Wollersheim Domain du Sac
    Sauk Prairie~Estate grown Beaujolais style, with medium body.
    bottle: $28.50
  • Wollersheim Pinot Noir
    Sauk Prairie~Very light and elegant in style, with a touch of eucalyptus.
    bottle: $29.50
  • Wollersheim Carignan
    Sauk Prarie~ Made in honor of Agoston Haraszthy, who first established this vineyard.
    bottle: $32.50
  • Fisher King Marquette
    Mt Horeb~Marechal Foch grapes grown in Vernon County, WI. Easy to like.
    bottle: $28.50
  • Cedar Creek Syrah
    Cedarburg~Rich and concentrated with a spicy oak finish.
    bottle: $29.50

Lighter White Wine

  • Rancho Sisquoc Riesling
    Santa Barbara~Sisquoc, the place the Chumsh Indians called the "Gathering Place."
    bottle: $29.50
  • Two Arrowheads
    Paso Robles~One to break the curse, the other to slay the deer! Viognier & Rousanne.
    bottle: $29.50
  • Kenwood Pinot Gris
    Russian River~ Fruits aromas of melon, almond, and mandarin orange, with crisp finish.
    bottle: $26.50
  • King Estates Pinot Gris
    Not your everyday Poinot Gris, try something special from Oregon.
    bottle: $32.50
  • Hogue Gewurztraminer
    Columbia Valley~ Varietal spiciness balanced by citrus fruits, honey, ginger, and nutmeg.
    bottle: $26.50
  • Simi Sauvignon Blanc
    Sonoma~A market basket of fruits with a refreshin finish.
    bottle: $27.50
  • Duckhorn Decoy Sauvignon Blanc
    Napa~Vibrant fruit and crisp acidity. An everyday wine from Duckhorn Vineyards.
    bottle: $34.50
  • Acrobat Pinot Gris
    Oregon~Fresh and lively with a subtle sweetness providing a satisfying finish.
    bottle: $29.50
  • Emmolo Sauvignon Blanc
    Napa~Elegant and balanced with bright acidity and steely minerals.
    bottle: $37.50

Lighter Red Wine

  • Estancia Estates Pinot Noir
    Monterey~Silky and youthful with juicy red fruit and light oak finish.
    bottle: $29.50
  • Castle Rock Pinot Noir
    Willamette Valley~Outstanding Pinot Noir at a true value.
    bottle: $28.50
  • Meiomi Pinot Noir
    CA~Blended from cool coastal vineyards resulting in the best characteristics of all!
    bottle: $32.50
  • Ravenswood Beseiged Red
    Sonoma~A market basket blend of grapes sourced from Sonoma County.
    bottle: $29.50
  • Coppola Directers Cut Zinfandel
    Dry Creek~Decadent and voluptuous, with concentrated berry jam notes.
    bottle: $34.50

Full Bodied White Wine

  • Conundrum White
    CA~Excellent food wine is rich and balanced with a stunning finish.
    bottle: $34.50
  • Geyser Peak Chardonnay
    Sonoma~Bright and refreshing.
    bottle: $29.50
  • Estancia Chardonnay
    Monterrey~Tropical fruits with touches of sweet vanilla and buttercream.
    bottle: $27.50
  • Simi Chardonnay
    Sonoma~Hints of buttery cream balanced with zesty lemony finish.
    bottle: $31.50
  • Laguna Chardonnay
    Russian River~ Rich and fruit forward, with creme brulee, and hints of oak finish.
    bottle: $33.50

Full Bodied Red Wine

  • Seven Falls Merlot
    Wahluke Slope, WA~Soft tannins make this and especiall food friendly wine.
    bottle: $29.50
  • Simi Merlot
    Sonoma~First vintage in 1876 in their stone cellar, and still making great wine today.
    bottle: $34.50
  • Morgan Cotes du Crows
    Monterey~Blend of Syrah and Grenache. Juicy and easy drinking..
    bottle: $28.50
  • Qupe
    Spice and acidity of cool climate grapes, lush forward fruit of warm climate grapes.
    bottle: $32.50
  • Louis Martini Cabernet
    North Coast~Critics name it one of the best value Cabernets from California.
    bottle: $32.50
  • Wild Horse Cabernet Sauvignon
    Central Coast~Wild mustangs from Spanish Conquistadores roamed here.
    bottle: $44.50

Special White Features Served in Riedel Stemware

  • Frogs Leap Sauvignon Blanc
    Rutherford~Organically grown, clean, fresh, and minerally.
    bottle: $38.50
  • Blindfold White Blend
    From The Prisoner Wine Co, a chardonnay based white blend.
    bottle: $42.50
  • Duckhorn Chardonnay
    Napa~Beautiful balance of rich and luscious fruit, and elegant and crisp finish.
    bottle: $47.50
  • Migration Chardonnay
    Russian River~Duckhorns first chardonnay has rich stone fruit and lemon custard notes.
    bottle: $39.50
  • Rombauer Chardonnay
    Carneros~Sets the gold standard for buttery, creamy, full bodied chardonnay.
    bottle: $55.50
  • Franciscan Cuvee Sauvage Chardonnay
    Carneros~Wild yeast fermentation results in many layers of flavor.
    bottle: $65.50

Special Red Features Served in Riedel Stemware

  • Paraduxx Red Blend
    CA~Proprietary blend with full rich flavors with soft tannins.
    bottle: $55.50
  • Foxen Range 30 West Red Blend
    Santa Maria Valley~ Bordeaux blend from Happy Valley vineyards.
    bottle: $65.50
  • Duckhorn Merlot
    Napa~Setting the bar for Merlot in California since 1976!.
    bottle: $55.50
  • Seghesio Old Vines Zinfandel
    Sonoma County~50-75 year old vines from Dry Creek and Alexander Valley.
    bottle: $65.50
  • Jordan Cabernet
    Napa~Silky smooth and lush, drinking superbly. Treat yourself to this elegant wine.
    bottle: $72.50
  • Silver Oaks Alexander Valley Cabernet
    Napa~dark garnet with nose of blackberry, roses, and violets.
    bottle: $89.50
  • Jos Phelps Cabernet
    Napa~Richly textured with notes of chocolate and roasted coffee..
    bottle: $69.50
  • Merryvale Profile
    Napa~Opulent and rich, this is nearly as good as it gets.
    bottle: $125.50

Sparkling Wine

  • Piper Sonoma Brut
    Sonoma~Yeasty, creamy, and dry.
    bottle: $31.50
  • Wollersheim NA Sparkling Grape Juice
    Wisconsin~Fun and festive without the alcohol
    bottle: $14.50
  • Kenwood Yalupa Brut
    Sonoma~Great little bubbly, great value.
    bottle: $24.50
  • Balatore Grand Spumante
    CA~Sweet and sexy. Anytime wine.
    bottle: $26.50
  • Korbel Brut
    Russian River~A history of making fine sparkling wine since 1880.
    bottle: $29.50

Bottle Beer

  • New Glarus Spotted Cow
    New Glarus, WI-Cask conditioned farmhouse ale.
    bottle: $5.00
  • New Glarus Moon Man
    New Glarus, WI-A bright bold blend of five hops that flirt obligingly with a smooth malty backside.
    bottle: $5.00
  • Capital Amber
    Middleton, WI-Vienna style, featuring rich malts with mild hop bittering.
    bottle: $5.00
  • Ale Asylum Hopalicious
    Madison, WI -Big fat wallop of hops, but tastes more refreshing than bitter.
    bottle: $5.00
  • Ale Asylum Madtown Nut Brown
    Madison, WI-No nuts were harmed in making this creamy full flavored beer.
    bottle: $5.00
  • Lake Louie Scotch Ale
    Arena, Wi-deep reddish brown in color, full body, and a smooth and lightly hopped finish
    bottle: $5.00
  • Lake Louie Tommy's Porter
    Arena, WI -Tommy says this is a fruit and nuts style, full bodied porter, with coffee like finish!
    bottle: $5.00
  • Sprecher Black Bavarian 16oz
    Glendale, WI-robust highly roasted malts, good with lamb or steak. 16 oz bottle.
    bottle: $5.50
  • Lakefront New Grist
    Milwaukee, WI~ Gluten free, but all the flavor!
    bottle: $4.50
  • MGD Lite 64
    Milwaukee, WI-The new "lite" light beer?
    bottle: $4.50
  • Miller Lite
    Milwaukee, WI-Established in 1855, the year this house was built.
    bottle: $4.50
  • Cider Boys Hard Cider
    Cincinnati, OH-Not too sweet, not too fruity, with just a little kick.
    bottle: $5.00
  • Clausthaller NA
    Brewed throughout the world, "non alcoholic", but a darn good brew.
    bottle: $5.00