Banquet Menu

Please choose up to three entrees to be offered to your guests. A $100 reservation deposit is required and is fully refundable up to 10 days prior to your party. All dinners are served with salad and fresh fruit muffins. Menu selections and estimated guest count are due 10 days in advance. A confirmed guest count is due 3 days prior to the event. A charge of $15 per person for "no shows" will be deducted from the deposit. Prices and menu selection effective 1/1/16 and subject to seasonal changes without notice. All food and beverage will be totaled on a single check and 18% gratuity on all food and beverages and 5.5% tax on the total will be added to your guest check.. Banquet rooms are scheduled on a two hour basis on weekends.

Each tray will serve from 15-20 people. To be served in the Stable Grill. When multiple trays of a single item are ordered, they may be combined onto one large tray. Tax of 5.5% and gratuity of 18% added to total bill. Trays must be ordered 5 days in advance.


  • Garlic herb cheese spread & crackers

    (1 lbs.)

  • Roasted and salted pecans

    (1 lbs.)

  • Parmesan Potato Puffs

    Crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside.

  • Breaded mushrooms and curry dip

    (3 lbs)

  • Zucchini fries and horseradish dip

    (3 lbs)

  • Relish Tray

    Pickles, olives, raw vegetables, & ranch dip.

  • Four-onion and cheese tartlettes

    (40 pcs)

  • Ham and cheese stuffed puff pastry


  • Wisconsin cheese & sausage sampler

    (2.5 lbs.)



  • Veal Meatballs with dill cream sauce

    (2.5 lbs.)

  • Trout salad filled pastry puffs

    (40 pcs)

  • Stuffed mushroom caps

    (40 pcs)

  • Smoked Duck Breast raspberry mustard sauce

    (1 lbs.)

  • Breaded Shrimp with spicy cocktail sauce

    (3 lbs.~65pcs.)

  • Whole smoked lake trout

    (5 lbs.)

  • Chicken wings with assorted sauces

    (6 lbs~50 pcs)

  • BBQ Ribs

    (8.0 lbs.)

  • Cocktail shrimp

    (5 lbs.)

  • Stable Sampler
    Pretzels, breaded vegetables, chicken wings, cheese and sausage, relish tray and dip.
  • Stone House Sampler

    Salted pecans, stuffed mushroom caps, onion tarts, trout salad puffs, ham and cheese puff pastry



  • Beef Tenderloin

    Smoke roasted whole tenderlons, sliced and served with red wine and mushroom sauce, Dairyland twice baked cheese potato, and a fresh vegetable.   (Saturday only or minimum party of twenty, served medium rare to medium)

  • Chicken Breast
    Sautéed boneless and skinless breast of chicken, served with a chive and mushroom cream sauce, with rice and a fresh vegetable.
  • Chicken and Mushroom Filled Popover
    Chicken and fresh mushrooms in a mild cream sauce fill a popover on rice, with fresh vegetable.
  • Pork Loin

    Smoke roasted boneless pork loin, served with raspberry barbeque sauce, sautéed apples, and Dairyland cheese potato.

  • Trout
    Boneless filets, baked with a lemon dill caper butter, or fried with a pretzel crust and house tartar, served with a parmesan potato and fresh vegetable.
  • Veg

    Delicate crepes with a goat cheese, spinach, and roasted red pepper filling, served with tomato cream sauce, julienne vegetables, and parmesan potato.

  • Roast Duck
    Semi-boneless roast half duck with a port wine and dried cherry sauce, served with sauteed apples and wild rice.
  • Wisconsin Fish Sampler
    (Available Friday Only) Beer battered whitefish, baked rainbow trout filet, and pretzel crusted perch filets, served with house tartar, fresh vegetable, and Parmesan potato.


  • Turtle Pie
    Bavarian chocolate cream over caramel and pecans, a Quivey's original, now a favorite.
  • Fruit Crisp
    Baked fresh daily under an oatmeal crumb crust, served with vanilla ice cream.
  • Chocolate Steamed Pudding
    Traditional English rich cake served with Ellie's Mom's Sauce with ground walnuts.