Outdoor Picnics in the Paddock

Paddock opens last weekend of May thru end of September

Paddock Rental Prices

Saturdays and Holidays $750.00

Friday & Sunday $250.00

Monday-Thursday (Groups of less than 75) $100.00

Monday-Thursday (Groups greater than 75) $150.00

Included are 11 picnic tables seating 88 people, 6 cocktail tables, and 20 wrought iron chairs. You have exclusive use of the "Paddock" area which includes two horseshoe pits. Sides can be put on the tent in case of inclement weather. Additional tables, chairs, and tent can be rented if needed for larger groups. There is a minimum total for contracted food and beverages in effect for all outdoor events as outlined. The difference between contracted for total, and minimum shall be added to the bill as additional rental for the facility. Quivey's Grove may waive or set new minimums as it sees fit due to late bookings, or other conditions. You will be told if minimum other than the specified applies.

Saturdays $5000.00

Sundays $2500.00

Mon-Fri $750.00


To make a reservation, check a date, or ask for more information, please call our party planner at 273-4900, Monday through Friday 9:30 am-4:30 PM. We would be glad to set up an appointment outside of these hours to meet your needs. A $100 non refundable booking fee is needed to make a reservation, and will apply to your final bill. Until we receive the $100 booking fee, your reservation is tentative, and will be dropped after 7 days. Upon receipt of reservation and booking fee, an event agreement will be executed and signed by the customer and Quivey's Grove as confirmation of the reservation, date, and minimum guest count. The rental fee for the use of our facilities is due one month prior to the event (six months for weddings). This fee is fully refundable in event of cancellation only if the facilities can be rebooked for a similar function.

Planning and Deadlines

We would be happy to meet with you to help plan your event and show you our facility. Our years of experience can help you answer many of your "how is this normally done" questions. We will work with you to make your occasion special. It is best to start planning with us as early as possible so that event timing can meet your needs as well as ours. Menu, beverage selections, and estimated guest count is required no later than two weeks prior to the event.


Upon receipt of menu selections and estimated guest count, Quivey's Grove will provide customer with a written estimate of all costs within 5 working days. Payment of half the estimated bill (non-refundable) and a written confirmation of the guest count are due one week prior to the event. Payment of balance of the bill is due in full on the day of the event. Charges will be based on the final confirmed guest count, or actual count, whichever is greater. Service charge of 18% of all food and beverages and tax of 5.5% on all food, beverages, rentals, and services will be added to your bill. Payment can be made by personal check, cash, or credit card. All prices are effective 1/1/14 and are subject to change without notice, until payment of half the estimated bill is made.


All food and beverages to be supplied by Quivey's Grove unless approved in advance. Cakes from outside sources must be from a licensed food facility. No carry-in beverages will be permitted. Guests bringing in beverages will be asked to return them to their cars, dispose of open containers, or have them confiscated. If problem continues, reception host will be informed, and will be responsible for compliance.

No food or beverage will be permitted to be taken from the grounds of Quivey's Grove to comply with state law and health codes.

All guests will conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to the environs of Quivey's Grove. Our staff will ask offenders to quit such behaviors and will not serve intoxicated or underage guests. Reception host will be informed if problem persists and will be responsible for compliance.

The facility fee will cover use of our facility for up to eight hours for weddings and four hours for any other event. There will be an additional fee of $100 per hour for any additional hour or part of an hour in excess of eight hours. In addition to the specified hours for meal service, any music must end by 11:00 PM in consideration for our neighbors. Beverage service outdoors will also be halted at 11:00 PM. (Stable bar last call at 11:45 PM).

All rentals of equipment, tents, chairs, tables, etc. will be done by Quivey's Grove, and is subject to fees for handling and set up. Please check with our party planners before contracting on your own. Services by outside contractors are subject to approval by Quivey's Grove, (cakes, flowers, bands, DJs, carriage rides, etc.) Our experience with these vendors can only be a benefit to you and is intended only to enhance your reception. We cannot accept responsibility for any products or services by outside vendors, but will happily work with them to make your reception flawless. You will be responsible for submitting a list of contractors for approval 2 weeks in advance of function.

All decorations must be removed at end of event. No glitter, confetti, or crete paper is allowed. We cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen, or left behind articles. Any damages or excessive cleaning will be billed to the host of the event.