Quivey's Grove Wedding Menu


  • BBQ Chicken

    Bone in quarter chicken, smoke- roasted, served smashed potatoes and a cold grilled vegetable salad.

  • Chicken Breast

    Boneless, skinless breast, marinated in wine and herbs and smoke- roasted, served with Parmesan potato and a cucumber and sweet red onion salad.

  • Morel Chicken Breast

    with morel mushroom stuffing and a chive cream sauce on rice, with maple glazed carrots.

  • Ham

    Double smoked ham with maple mustard sauce, served with smashed potatoes and sweet corn and red pepper relish.

  • Pork Loin

    Boneless pork loin, slowly smoke roasted, and served with raspberry barbeque sauce, parmesan potato, and apple Waldorf salad.

  • Smoke Roasted Tenderloin

    Coated with cracked peppers, grilled and served with port and mushroom au jus, Parmesan potato, and green beans with garlic vinaigrette.

  • Prime Rib

    Slow roasted on the outdoor grill (seasonally), served with port and mushroom jus, parmesan potato, and green beans in garlic vinaigrette.

  • Combination Plate

    From the outdoor smoke roaster. Choice of two: Beef Tenderloin, Boneless Pork Loin, Boneless Chicken Breast, or Turkey Breast. Served with parmesan potato, and green beans with garlic vinaigrette.


Beverage Service

  • Beer on Tap

    Choice of most available craft beers!

    1st Half BBl  $450  (132 servings)

    Subsequent Half BBL $395

    Quarter BBL $225 

  • Wine

    Wedding Wine Selections $27.50

    Premium selections available at a higher price point.

    750ml bottle~5 glasses

  • Champagne

    Wedding selection $26.50

  • Coffee

    Table service per person $2.75

    Buffet service per gallon $25

  • Lemonade

    Gallon-20 servings $25

  • Soda

    20 oz bottles $2.75